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These Extremely Unsatisfying GIFS Will Make You Cringe

Get ready to be mad online.
May 12, 2017, 2:52pm

Six months ago, Paris-based motion design studio Parallel released a video called UNSATISFYING, an epic compilation of animated clips illustrating the "frustrating, annoying, disappointing little things of everyday life." Over two million views later, the video led Parallel to create the "Unsatisfying Challenge," where they hosted animators' most cringe-worthy videos to rustle all our collective jimmies. But that's another article. For now, we pay homage to one of the most infuriating-but-oh-so-awesome videos of all time with 6 GIF'd clips of UNSATISFYING, officially uploaded to GIPHY by Parallel.

You can watch all the frustration at once in the original "UNSATISFYING" video below.

Click here to visit Parallel's website.


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