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Lights, Camera… Rain: IleSoniq at Its Finest

We strapped on our wellies and kicked it with a bunch of life-sized mushrooms in Montreal. Watch our recap of the festival here.

It's unanimous: Montreal is the perfect tree for a festival like IleSoniq to nest in. Just last month the event launched on the old stomping grounds of Osheaga and proved that this city may actually be big enough for the both of 'em. THUMP was there on that wet 'n' wild weekend to chat with everyone from Anna Lunoe to Twitter favourite Tommy Sunshine.

Montreal's own Adventure Club has serious pride in their hometown's music scene and was asked by event host Evenko to curate their own stage at the festival. Their chosen acts included the likes of 3LAU, Botnek and Vinai. The boys assured us that they're the true forerunners of excellent hair in electronic music, pegging their fellow stagemates, The Chainsmokers, as faux competition. Is it too soon to request a Mortal Kombat style song-off to determine the title holders? Or maybe they sort-of did that already?


Watch our recap for all the silky smooth details and the rest of our shenanigans in Montreal.