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Listen to Ali X and Theus Mago's Psychedelic Techno Meltdown "Vision"

The former Azari & III member and Mexican producer share another one from their upcoming Turbo Recordings EP.
Artwork courtesy of Turbo Recordings

Best known for being one of the co-founders of the late Toronto outfit Azari & III, Ali X (aka Alphonse Alixander Lanza III) has teamed up with Theus Mago, the alter-ego of prolific Mexican producer Mateo González, for a new EP on Tiga's label Turbo Recordings.

We've already heard the title track from Let's Get Naked, and today we're premiering the ominous B-side "Vision," which features ghostly pitch-shifted vocals over an understated two-note square wave bassline and a hypnotically pulsing pad. Eventually a funky 303 wiggle and hints of an electro breakbeat enter to take the track to the next level.

Listen to it below and pre-order the EP, which includes instrumental dubs of both songs and Curses' "Let's Get Naked" remix, before it comes out Nov. 11.

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