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Listen Back to Mixpak Maestro Jubilee's Scintillating Boiler Room Set

The Miami-raised producer's debut LP 'After Hours' is out now.
This post ran originally on THUMP UK.

Jubilee's on a real roll at the moment. The Miami-raised producer's just dropped her debut full-length release on legendary New York label Mixpak. After Hours, which is streaming on Apple Music and Spotify right now, is an infectious romp through the ever-energetic realm of dancehall, and despite the fact that we're about as far away from Jamaica weather-wise as it's possible to be, we cannot stop playing it. We physically can't stop. Send help.


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A few weeks back now, Boiler Room invited the Mixpak squad to host a whole evening's worth of livestreams. The result was as raucous as you'd expect, and was an immediate strong contender for "the most fun evening in we've had all year that involved watching DJs on a laptop and eating a whole bag of Kettles Chips and a whole tub of hummus."

In fact, we enjoyed it so much we asked if we could premier Jubilee's set, and the powers that be said yes. We also had a quick chat with the producer herself. Check out both below.

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THUMP: Hey Jubilee, congratulations on the release of your album—how excited are you to finally get it out in the world?
Jubilee: Hi! Yeah, I am really happy I finally get to share it with everyone. It's a really good feeling.

You've said this record "is" you. What impression/parts of yourself were you most trying to communicate?
I didn't really try to communicate anything I just kind of let it all happen. Each song represents me obviously. Especially "Snooze Button". That's me every day.

It also feels like the album follows the path of a night out, from pregame all the way through to the taxi home. How would your perfect night out in NYC go – and is that the night being played out on the album?
We had a listening party the other night and we played the album on a party bus with our closest friends. We drove around Brooklyn listening to it front to back while popping champagne. Then the bus dropped us off at Halcyon and I DJ'd with some of my favorite DJs until the club closed. I think it's safe to say that was a perfect night out.

Your Boiler Room set is stuffed with tracks from the new record—is it fair to say you made the album with DJ sets in mind?
No, this was actually the first record I have ever made without DJing in mind. Which made it a bit of a challenge.

What's it been like working with Mixpak on this record?
I couldn't be happier with the fact that I'm working with Mixpak. I've released several records on Mixpak before and I'm happy to be a part of the team. It's a serious fam that isn't afraid to give me critique and feedback that I'm happy to take. They are no BS when it comes to taking the music biz seriously and also no BS when it comes to partying and having fun, and that's important .

Mixpak certainly feel like they're having a really exciting moment right now—how does it feel to be at the center of that?
Feels awesome! We have been working towards this for a while and it just seems to be folding out organically. You won't believe what happens next!

After Hours is out now on Mixpak.