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Honnda and Dai Burger's New Collab Is Like Winning the "Megga Millionz" and the Powerball

It's off the former's upcoming record 'Diamonds in the Microwave.'
September 15, 2016, 4:39pm
Single artwork courtesy of the label

Brooklyn based producer Honnda is gearing up to release his new album Diamonds in the Microwave on celebrated Ohio imprint Orange Milk Records next week, and today they're releasing a bubbling record cut in collaboration with NYC-based rapper Dai Burger. Composed of the kind of molecular, plasticine anarchy that might recall your most perversely dopamine-craved SoundCloud digging excursions, the theatrically awkward track doesn't manage to sway Dai one bit, who finds ample room to tease her flow around like a club-savvy glob of flubber.


Honnda described the track to THUMP via email. "This loosey is an elastic-fantastic porthole to infinite victory," he said. "You just won the Megga Millionz AND the Powerball — now BOUNCE IN." Dai Burger also chimed in: "'Megga Millionz' really captures how fun of a rapper I am," she said. "It's playful, it's quirky, and is filled with bars and ping pong sounds, JUST HOW I LIKE IT! Lol"

Listen to the track below, and if you're into it, snag a pre-order of the tape and tickets to the New York album release show (which goes down on September 30 with Dai Burger, Moistbreezy, and r.r. barbadas).

Diamonds in the Microwave will be out on September 21 on digital and cassette formats, as well as vinyl by way of Attracted Vinyl.

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