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Stream Marquis Hawkes' Debut Album 'Social Housing' in Full

Check out the Berlin based producer's LP exclusively here on THUMP.

Just the other week we let you have a listen to "Locked Out" from Berlin based producer Marquis Hawkes' debut album Social Housing. Now we're going one better and letting you have a listen to the entire fucking thing right here, right now. Isn't that exciting? A Marquis Hawkes album to tuck into today, and the Euros start on Friday. Could life get any better? Really, could it?

Social Housing is a gloriously diverse record, hopping from acid-fried disco to bass-heavy house workouts in the blink of an eye. We guarantee you'll get a lot more satisfaction out of this than the England team's performance over the next few weeks.

Stream the record exclusively here on THUMP below.

Social Housing is out on June 10th via Houndstooth and you can pre-order it here.

Marquis Hawkes is on Facebook // SoundCloud