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Armand Van Helden Takes Petite Meller's "Baby Love" Out of the Crib to House Heaven

Get out there and hug somebody.

We're not sure anyone knows what exactly is going on in Petite Meller's video for her early 2015 track "Baby Love," but damn does seeing that cute singing French woman galavanting around a rural African village make us want to jump up and hug somebody.

More than likely named after the classic Supremes song of the same name, Meller's original track already packed an overly danceable vibe with the inclusion of some big piano licks and cheery synths. Now a few months after the dropping of the original, the OG of all house-remixing OGs, Armand Van Helden, has stepped in to promote "Baby Love" to more mature levels of movability.

Piano-house at its very finest, this new cut may just cause you may just procure an actual loving baby with your own computer screen, if you're not careful.

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