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Epic DJ Troll Ruins People's Nights (and Maybe Lives)

Will you ever trust a drop again?
July 8, 2015, 7:30pm

"Put my hands up, put my fucking hands up!" That's what Mandy Newman was thinking as another in a series of epic drops was set to wash over her during Aussie EDM act Mashd N Kutcher's set a couple nights ago.

As her hands reached for the ceiling and her euphoria rose to another high, she was in true EDM bliss. That is, until it all came crashing suddenly down as the music segued from "TELL ME WHERE THE FREAKS AT?!" into Spandau Ballet's 1983 new romantic soft-rock classic "True." Never heard of it? Well, your parents probably banged to it, softly.

The disheartenment was audible, nay, palpable! The intake of breath was heard from Brisbane to nearby Toowoomba. Lives were changed, public faith in drops has been severely diminished, and EDM as a whole may never be the same. The only winner was 1980s new romantic soft rock band Spandau Ballet.

Spandau Ballet were not available for comment.