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That Three-Year-Old DJ Has DJ'd Again And Everything in the World is Amazing

He's doing an adult's job right, and get this, yeah, get this right...he's three!
Foto: Screenshot YouTube / ETV

This time round DJ Arch Jr has appeared on South Africa's Got Talent and boy, oh, boy does the three year old DJ — the three year old doing a job we normally associate with adults — show that he's a good DJ for a three year old. The crowd of adults go absolutely wild for this three year old DJing because, well, it's a three year old DJing and isn't that the best thing ever? Isn't that must magical? Isn't everything amazing and wonderful and magic again and isn't it great to know that there will be no more pain or suffering in this world because a three year old is going to DJ on a South African talent show. Love it!


Seriously though, this kid has some skills, and by the time he's reached the age of the person writing this post about him he'll probably have excelled to heights far beyond those of an anonymous lonely music writer eating greek yogurt while at a standup desk. Plus, this same music writer actually just spilled coffee all over said standup desk and is officially less coordinated than a three year old. Cheers.