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Bonobo and Hundred Waters Tell Fans How They Listen in New Podcast

The exchange was recorded in early May at Arizona's FORM Arcosanti​ festival.

Photo of Bonobo by Andrew de Francesco

Yesterday, WeTransfer shared the debut episode WeTalkMusic, a new podcast hosted by Boiler Room's Head of Music, Thris Tian. The series will focus on methodically unpacking artists' musical influences, and the inaugural guests were none other than Brighton-born, LA-based producer Bonobo and Floridian OWSLA affiliates Hundred Waters.

The exchange was recorded in early May at Arizona's FORM Arcosanti festival, where both artists played. The state's arid, burning hot climate is a recurring theme throughout the conversation, as Tian's first question is about what the artists would listen to driving through the desert. Bonobo responds by playing Lino Capra Vaccina's delicately clanging 1978 album Antico Adagio, while Trayer Tryon of Hundred Waters puts on Alain Kremski's oneiric, wandering 1979 record Musiques Rituelles Pour Cloches Et Gongs. From there, we learn about Bonobo's long term love of Four Tet's music, what it was like seeing Bill Callahan as a teenager for HW's Nicole Miglis, and more.

Hundred Waters founded FORM in 2014 to try to inject festival culture with real feelings of community and creativity, and although our review of this year's iteration found that it at times "felt like a private party for well-connected creative people," it also held an exciting sense of intimacy and magical surprise, too.

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