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Listen to Madteo and DJ Sotofett's Set from Mutual Dreaming's NYE Party

Aurora Halal really knows how to throw a party.

If you live in New York City and you love really great house music, you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't go to Mutual Dreaming parties; brainchild of visual artist, producer and DJ, Aurora Halal.

As well as working with outsider house dreamboat Steve Summers (under his own name Jason Letkiewicz) as 100% Silk's sensual, analogue disco duo Innergaze, and later with Planet Mu's Ital as the borderline-improv visual unit of his live show, Aurora Halal is also a seriously cool video director. Having directed videos for Innergaze and Ital—naturally—she's also worked with the likes of Beautiful Swimmers, Friends and Protect-U; tactile homages to the rough-and-ready nature of videotape, that pull you deep into her weird and sexy world.

It's this world that her Mutual Dreaming parties in Brooklyn have been tapping into, too; how to throw a party that, sure, has well curated line-ups, but that also have just the right feel to the whole affair. Visually, Mutual Dreaming is tight as hell, and her New Years Eve party last week sounded like no exception.

With a bill of a DJ set from L.I.E.S.'s Florian Kupfer and live sets from Ital and Entro Senestre, it was the b2b appearance of NYC's Madteo and Sex Tags Mania don DJ Sotofett that was, thankfully, recorded for posterity, and available to stream above. We could go into exactly what the mix sounds like but, to be honest, it would spoil the joy of expecting the unexpected. At just over two hours, it's a playful, tactile journey. Enjoy.

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