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Check Out This Exclusive Cut from Seth Troxler's Upcoming DJ-Kicks Mix

The dance music motor mouth's teamed up with Dutch don Tom Trago for this trippy and lithe cut from his forthcoming DJ-Kicks compilation.

Alongside fabric's indomitable metal boxes, it's !K7's DJ-Kicks series which has ruled the roost over the last two decades. The back catalogue is stuffed with gold, and the likes of Carl Craig, DJ Koze, Kode9, Tiga, and John Talabot have all contributed. The 51st entry comes courtesy of the one and only Seth Troxler.

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Troxler's mix of churning tech-house is a lithe and zippy affair, all clicks and whirrs and hums and burrs, and was, allegedly, recorded under the very mild influence of LSD. If that's true then count us very impressed. We did acid once and all we could think about was how the moon was a man made creation and illusion. Every DJ-Kicks compilation contains at least one exclusive track composed by the selector and Seth was nice enough to let us premier "De Natte Cel", a collaboration with Dutch don Tom Trago recorded exclusively for the mix. You can hear it in all its trippy glory below.

Seth told us this about the track:

"The exclusive track 'De Natte Cel', which I wrote with Tom Trago, was made on the Monday after the closing of Trouw in Amsterdam, a place that we both loved dearly. 'De Natte Cel' (translated into English 'The Wet Cell') was this amazing third floor that they specially opened in Trouw for the last month that the club was open. Club Trouw used to be the printing press for Amsterdam's main daily newspaper (also called Trouw) and De Natte Cel was the shower and locker room down in the basement where the employees would go and wash the ink off their bodies at the end of the working day. Tom and I both played in De Natte Cel during the closing party and were so inspired by the space we left Trouw after around 48 hours solid in the venue, partied all night at the hotel and then went straight into the studio."

Seth Troxler's DJ-Kicks 51 mix is out on October 16th on !K7. You can pre-order it here now.

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