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Listen To ODESZA's NO.SLEEP Mix.02

THUMP's got the exclusive new mix from soul-soaked Seattle dudes Odesza. Warm up your wintry bones!
December 19, 2013, 12:31am

About three months ago, we dropped a download from Seattle production duo Odesza on THUMP and it straight blew up the internet. What can we say? The duo—made up of Harrison Mills (aka Catacombkid) and Clayton Knight (aka BeachesBeaches)—has a knack for combining vibes that are sun-soaked and flowing with driving drums and big daddy basslines. The finished product is kind of like a Payday candy bar—crunchy, chewy, salty, sweet, being perfect for your the dancefloor, your headphones, or a summer trip to your local body of water. (Yes, we eat a lot of candy here at THUMP. Only God can judge us.)

Let's be real, most of us aren't lucky enough to be beach bois (plus its winter in half the world). But wherever you are in the world, you can still listen this to this exclusive DJ mix that Odesza has done for THUMP and exude tropical vibes while surfing the mindwave. *Throws shaka*

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