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Drug Safety Organization The Loop Have Issued a Warning About Orange ‘Tesla’ Pills

The pills are said to contain as much as 240mg of MDMA.
Photo via VICE.

With the now high-profile news of two drug-related deaths at fabric during recent weeks, as well as reports of similar incidents at multiple music festivals across the summer, staying aware of what's in your pills seems more relevant and important than ever.

Fortunately, organisations like The Loop in the UK continue to do a stellar job keeping users, ravers and the public at large informed on all things MDMA. This weekend they took to Twitter to put out a warning regarding an orange 'Tesla' pill, which they claim contains as much as 240mg of MDMA. The average amount in most pills is normally 80-100mg, yet increasingly measurements in excess of 200mg are being recorded. Obviously this is an incredibly substantial amount, making the pills potentially dangerous if consumed irresponsibly.


High strength Orange Teslas tested by The Loop at UK festivals & Safer Party in Zurich - c.240mg MDMA - take care. — The Loop (@WeAreTheLoopUK)September 3, 2016

The pills—initially tested by Safer Party in Zurich—are orange and shield-like in shape, and according to reports they also glow under a black light.

This year Global Drugs Survey launched their "don't be daft, start with half" campaign—reminding ravers to dose sensibly with half a pill rather than consuming a whole pill in one go. It's a simple measure, but one that can make all the difference.

Read our interview with Global Drugs Survey and summary of their recent drugs survey here.

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