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Steve Bug Likes Songs That Can Rock Dance Floors Across the World

The Last Record: the German tastemaker selected new music from Diego Krause, Langenberg, Kapote and LoYoTo.
Photo courtesy of Steve Bug.

Whether it's for playing out at a club or listening at home, DJs and producers typically have an encyclopedic hoard of music, new and old. In The Last Record, they tell us about the last three songs or albums they've purchased, and why these were important additions to their music collection.

This week, we spoke to Steve Bug. The DJ, producer and Poker Flat Recordings owner recently scored a slew of new records and was happy to share his picks with us. Bug's new event series, PLAY, kicks off December 3 in Berlin.


LoYoTo - Lonely Young Tourist

My mate Cle and his lady Eva B started producing music together and came up with the LoYoTo project. This EP on Watergate Records is my favorite so far. My top pick is "3 Balls," a dubby tune with great chord progressions that can definitely rock dance floors all over the world.

Kapote - Get Down Brother

Toy Tonics released plenty of great EPs lately, but this new Kapote is really doing it for me, especially the EP title track. It comes with a great conga loop and some looped key samples, plus some vocals. The arrangement is flawless and the disco flavor definitely shakes some hips and raises some hands.

Langenberg - Central Heated House

Max Heesen aka


just released his first long player on dessous recordings. It's a deep, and dubby journey, sometimes with electronic or even disco-ish elements. The double 12" holds plenty of tunes for all possible moments in a long set. This is an awesome record and i am happy that I am working on some stuff with him that we're hopefully going to release soon.

Diego Krause and Yamen & Eda

This is a split 12" by Diego Krause and Yamen & Eda. Both sides are great, but Diego's "Drift" is definitely my favorite here. It's driving, but repetitive and hypnotic house with a classic touch that still sounds fresh. It is a vinyl-only release, so make sure to grab your copy.