Our Ultra Gallery Captures Miami's Twisted Moral Compass


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Our Ultra Gallery Captures Miami's Twisted Moral Compass

There was so much that words simply couldn't tell.

When we brought Toronto photographer THESUPERMANIAK along to Mad Decent Boat Party, she showed the world that the phrase "if you cast a wide net, you catch a lot of crabs" applied to more than just Deadliest Catch re-runs. When THUMP headed South to Miami for Ultra Music Festival, there was only candidate qualified enough to capture the depravity.

If you read our recaps, you'll already know all about the rain, the bods, the surprise guests, and the best Vines. But there was so much more we couldn't tell you: man twerks, strippers, Justin Bieber dance rehearsals, and candid moments with Diplo and Skrillex all played an integral role in defining this year's festival for us.


THESUPERMANIAK sifted through her photos and gave us the 21 best shots from the week. Here's the festival as she saw it.

Welcome to Miami!

It all started pretty sunny, light, and adorable.

But by Thursday at Smog vs. Firepower, it was pretty evident that things were about to get out of control.

Yup. #mantwerk #nogood

RUDE BOY. #zedsdeadbaby

This is what dancing to Avicii at the rainy main stage looks like.

A moment of absolute rage with Die Antwoord.

A moment of class with Big Gigantic at Ultra's live stage.

Now I'm at the Owsla showcase with DJ Sliink going in!

The phone in his pocket though…


Now I'm at the Intercontinental for rehearsals for Skrillex's set at Ultra. Justin Bieber's dancers are feeling that dirty vibe.

CL feels it too.

A quiet moment with Sonny going through his music.

A quiet moment for Diplo.

Jack U surprise set is about to make Ultra history!

Diddy joins the party!

And then Justin joins the party

Cut to E11even. Partying in the strip club on the last night of MMW. Always something to look forward to!

DJ Snake about to steal Sonny's money.

Shout out to the dollar bill!

A collage of my best friend during the week. #thuglife


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