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Lotic Announces Agitations, a New Mixtape for Berlin Label Janus

The Berlin label is also putting on a cool event with Lisbon's Príncipe records.
Art by Kyselina

Berlin-via-Houston producer Lotic had already put out two EPs and a single by the time Janus released his 2014 mixtape, Damsel In Distress, but it was really only after that release's expansive and mortifying statement that everyone started paying attention. Since then, Lotic has very deservingly blown up, and the Berlin label/party collective has put out a couple more terrific releases, by HVAD and Bekelé Berhanu.


In other words, there couldn't be a more perfect time for the producer to return for a homecoming mixtape. Agitations will be just that, and it's slated for digital release on November 13, with artwork by Kyselina (above.) In the press release, Lotic shared a statement about the work:

"Agitations was born out of the frustrations that come with touring, playing mainly festivals in Europe (which are largely populated by straight white men with narrow views on music), and feeling increasingly out of touch with club culture and with the music industry in general. Each track was crafted as a mechanism to cope with the conflicted position of becoming increasingly successful in an otherwise alienating (and often unsafe) environment. Agitations is the rebuilding and reclamation of confidence. It's a reminder of ambition, a reminder that there is great strength in having the outsider's perspective :}"

In other news, Janus just announced a collaborative night in Berlin with Lisbon's Princípe records, known for their excellence in pushing raw kuduro and batida sounds. That event will take place one day after Agitations is released, on November 14, and will feature Lotic alongside scene originator DJ Nervoso alongside youngblood DJ Maboku. Flyer below.

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