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Listen to a 1000+ Song Playlist of Music That Inspired Daft Punk

Everything from Van Halen and CAN to James Brown and Chic is here.
Photo courtesy of the artists

Earlier this week, FACT released a series of mixes from CK featuring Daft Punk's influences from their Homework track "Teachers." We also included part three of CK's mix in our "Seven Most Played" weekly roundup. Now, CK has released a mega treat for fans eager for more information.

On Saturday, the DJ and historian shared a 1000+ Spotify playlist with FACT featuring an even more extensive breakdown of the duo's influences. The playlist features everything from Fleetwood Mac and Giorgio Moroder to Van Halen and CAN to James Brown and Chic. It's enough music to get you through the rest of the weekend and you're sure to love it.

Stream CK's playlist below. On Friday, we wrote about how Homework was Daft Punk's most exciting output.