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Balam Acab Is Back With 'Child Death,' His First New Music In Two Years

The five-track EP is out now on Bandcamp.

East Coast producer Alec Koone was one of Tri Angle Records' early success stories. His 2011 album (which he recorded at the ripe age of 19) exemplified the label's sound at the time: heavily deconstructed pop and R&B treated with layers of cinematic ambience. It spawned an army of imitators, though few as emotionally authentic as Balam Acab. Apart from a few self-released EPs, Koone's been quiet since the release of that genre-defining LP, and this week he returned from hiatus with Child Death, a five-track EP available via Bandcamp. It features vocals from Morgan Laubach, Kylyn Swann, Liz Yordy and Josie Hendry.


Grab the EP here.