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​Hear All 5 Brand New Remixes of Tchami's "After Life"

DJ Snake, Mercer, and Jauz unleash ghetto-tech stormers, but mysterious Parisian newcomer Malaa drops the standout tune.
July 6, 2015, 4:35pm

That priestly frenchman, Tchami, has wielded huge influence in dance music since he burst from Paris a couple of years ago with a sound that's become definitive. Future house, mid-room house, call it what you want, Tchami is one of the most mimicked producers in the game and finds love on both sides of the underground/EDM divide.

By the time "Afterlife" came out a couple months ago, Tchami had long been making this whole rubber-band bassline and shuffled-out cadence seem easy––to the tune of over one hundred million plays on SoundCloud and presence on radio airwaves around the world.


The remixes for the tune, released officially on July 7, but streaming exclusively on THUMP today, are an exposition of dance music both deep and upfront. A double dose of ghetto-tech vibes via Angeleno bassline upstart Jauz and then DJ Snake and Mercer will keep the big stages getting low. "They deliver a massive remix as usual. It's nothing less than a banger," Tchami says of his counterparts Snake and Mercer. Both tunes keep the energy in the red and will rowdy up dancefloors with ease.

Tchami's other selections for remixes of the tune, though, are reminder of his understated progressivism. He reached into the underground and the leftfield when selecting the standout remixes from San Holo, Malaa, and Point Point.

San Holo's tune is a lazer bass classic, bringing some new-school Low End Theory vibes out of Holland. Fellow Parisian newcomer Malaa's remix is the standout of the lot. It manages to be deep, but raunchy and is another in a slew of classy releases in a little over a month. Nobody knows who this guy is yet, but he's primed to be a big voice. "Who's Malaa?" asks Tchami. "Nobody seems to know, but this remix is straight fire." We're running with the theory that it's DJ Snake's alter-ego that wears a wig.

Rounding things up is Point Point, an act Tchami has stated to have a big influence over his sound, with uplifting house tune with latent Aussie bass tones. "This one has such a special vibe," he says. "The piano gives a very chill and nostalgic sensation to the remix."

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Photo by Anthony Ghanassia

Jemayel Khawaja is Managing Editor of THUMP and a total Tchami fanboy - @JemayelK