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​Lazerdisk Remix Big Freedia's "Ol' Lady," the First of Many Collabs

The Cali duo know how to get those geriatric asses droppin'.
Photo credit: Peter Don

New Orleans bounce's favorite child, Big Freedia, has collaborated with Los Angeles-based production duo Lazerdisk on their remix of "Ol' Lady," a tune off of Freedia's 2014 album Just Be Free. The duo take the quintessential bounce track and infuse it with their signature aesthetic, a synth-drenched, sun-washed future bass sound.

"We're huge fans of Freedia's work. We really wanted to give our own original melodic spin on Freedia's signature vocal sound," Lazerdisk tell THUMP. "The songs strong delivery & message made it natural for us to play to our strengths and deliver a big sound."

Freedia's pretty stoked on the re-work: "I loved what the guys did with Ol' Lady, she says. "I love the melody. My fans can expect me to push my music even more in the future, so this was a perfect first track to introduce that expanded sound."

The remix was such a hit with the trio that they're already planning future collaborations. "I want to work with the guys again," says Freedia. "We're trying to coordinate schedules now. They are very humble, talented kids and I think they will do big things."

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