There's Now a Search Engine for Every Animated GIF From GeoCities


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There's Now a Search Engine for Every Animated GIF From GeoCities

Internet Archive, we love you.

Remember the good old days™? When Bill Clinton was President, when average monthly rent was around $645, and when Yahoo's acquisition of GeoCities shot the dream of personal websites into the stratosphere? What a simpler, kinder time.

Now, just in time for Halloween, the good folks over at the Internet Archive have a little GeoCities gift for us. A special project has blown away the cobwebs and dug up all of the GIFs ever hosted in the tombs of the old web. Available, for your viewing pleasure, is GifCities: An animated GIF search engine for GeoCities GIFs.


The Internet Archive says that GifCities is a celebration to mark two decades of preserving the web, and what a way to commemorate it. Hauntingly beautiful GIFs once relegated to the annals of pre-2.0 history have been resurrected. Rejoice!

Some of Motherboard's favorites include old Skelly here:

The legendary penguin shove:

And of course, all those "under construction" GIFs:

Go forth internet denizens of past and present. Find your old beloveds, walk the haunted streets of your Yahoo youth, and watch out for what could be around the corner.

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