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Have Your Pizza and Play It Too with Pizza Hut’s New Cardboard CDJs

Pass the box cord please.

After introducing the stuffed crust pizza to the masses, Pizza Hut are now setting their sights on the music gear market, announcing this week the world's "first playable DJ pizza box."

Created by printed electronics company Novalia, these cardboard decks are touch sensitive, with a mixer and other buttons you'd find on a standard controller. According to Pigeons & Planes, the device syncs any device of your choice via Bluetooth, with MIDI compatible software including several programs like Virtual DJ and Serato DJ.

Sadly for hungry North American selectors though, Pizza Hut says these will only available to UK customers for the time being, limiting their initial launch to just five restaurants with the purchase of a special pie.

While you probably can't get extra cheese or a gluten-free crust, they've enlisted Rinse FM's DJ Vectra for a crash course video of the box's capabilities, which you can watch above.