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Monday Morning Mix Series: Gonzo Jones

Start your day with the likes of Hall & Oates, Patrice Rushen and Erykah Badu.
Ben Thomson

It might be a juicy long weekend for some, but our Monday Morning Mixes don't take a day off. It's only fitting that on a laid-back, treat-yourself kinda day like today, that our sixth mix in the series comes from Melbourne's Gonzo Jones—a man whose music tends to sound a lot like having the day off.

Jones' debut single "Misty Dreams" was released earlier this year to a flurry of praise, and second single "Technicolor" did much the same. This Friday, Jones releases his anticipated Misty Dreams EP, and in celebration, took care of this morning's vibes—and nailed it. Listen to the sunny mix below.


1. What's the perfect Monday morning record and why?

Moon Safari by Air would have to be the best Monday morning LP for me. In fact it's good anytime, but it's such a palate cleanser to start the week. I bought it on vinyl a few years back and often gets a spin while I rise and shine…

2. How do you pass the time on a morning commute?

I'll always put something in my ears when I step out the door and head for the city. The music can vary depending on the morning's frequency. The rest of my time is spent people watching as everyone seems so anxious and intense on the way to work. I'm always wondering who's going to be the first to crack and go postal. Besides that I'll also keep one eye out for the metro dogs trying to enforce the ticket system.

3. Tell us about the best or worst job you ever had:

Best job by far was working for a producer Malcolm Beasley in a studio in the richest part of the city. We turned up everyday in our shit box cars to this mansion on the edge of the Yarra River. It was 12 bedrooms, pool and a jetty off into the water etc. Got so many great rooms for recording and could really play around with mic placement more than most studios allow. Learnt a lot from him and got to work with some really talented artists. Never really felt like work which is how life can be.


1. Hall & Oates - "Sara Smile"

2. Earth, Wind & Fire - "Can't Hide Love"

3. James Brown - "Blind Man Can See It"


4. Patrice Rushen - "Remind Me"

5. Erykah Badu - "Certainly"

6. Robert Glasper - "Afro Blue"

7. Bee Gees - "More Than A Woman"

8. Chet Faker & The Royal Swazi Spa - "Fear Like You"

Gonzo Jones' Misty Dreams is out June 17 through Good Manners.

He plays his first ever live show Saturday July 9 at Hugs & Kisses in Melbourne. More info here.

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