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Ones and Zeros: Computer Generated Nipples and the Molecular "Watson"

_Through the looking glass._ h3. ONE: "Dept. of things we don't know we need yet: the transparent battery": (LA Times) h...

Through the looking glass.

ONE: Dept. of things we don’t know we need yet: the transparent battery (LA Times)

ZERO: Scientists built a tiny ‘brain’ out of DNA that (creepily) answered their questions (Discovery)

ONE: From the crates: A Machine That Turns Plastic Back Into Oil (Us)

ZERO: Dept. of things we really don’t think we’ll need ever: the transparent airplane

ONE: The argument that there is no more ‘present’ (NPR)

Zero: The Ostrich Pillow, making mid-day siestas possible without leaving the office (Gearfuse)

One: British Police duped by lulzsec into arresting the wrong guy (Daily Tech)

ZERO: The high-speed rail photo that is infuriating China (New York TImes)

ONE: Cyber Weapons: the new arms race (Bloomberg)

ZERO: After all that, Spotify got sued for patent infringement (CBS News)

One: Apple now has more money than the government (Yahoo News)

One: Comic-Con’s Geekiest Tattoos (Mental Floss)

ZERO: Olivia Wilde gets to pick and choose how her nipples are going to look on the silver screen (Toronto Sun)

ONE: Never See A ‘Real’ Ad In Time Square Again (Creators Project)

ZERO: Obama and Mariah don’t get the Internet (Heffernan / NYT)