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Browns Take Lead Over Ravens With a ButtCatch for Touchdown

Browns tight end Gary Barnidge made another ridiculous catch this week, this time using his butt.

For the second straight week, Cleveland Browns tight end Gary Barnidge made a ridiculous catch in the red zone. Last week, he made a circus catch at the one-yard line that set up the game-tying touchdown—forget about what happened later—and this week he used every part of his lower body, including his butt, to reel in this desperation throw from Josh McCown on third-and-five. McCown was under serious duress and just threw a jump ball and somehow Barnidge was able to keep it alive in his legs before finally pinning it against his own butt for security.


It took officials a little while to process it—I mean, you'd think it just had to hit the ground somehow—but they eventually ruled it a catch and touchdown. Ravens coach John Harbaugh seemed to handle it in stride.