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Pooping in the Pacific Northwest: A Soccer Rivalry

The Portland Timbers tried making fun of the Seattle Sounders for poop-related names on their squad. Seattle blasted right back.

A shit joke, from a shit club. Damn! That tweet from the Seattle Sounders, which has since been deleted, was in response to a tweet from the Portland Timbers having a little fun with words in light of Seattle's latest addition, midfielder Andreas Ivanschitz.

So let's get this straight: Ivanschitz and Deuce are on the same team now? #RCTID
— Portland Timbers (@TimbersFC) August 4, 2015

Deuce, is Clint Dempsey's rap name and, like calling attention to Ivanschitz, is a poop reference. So the Timbers made a poop joke, and a pretty pedestrian one at that. Seattle took this to another level, though, when they continued the poop theme and called the Timbers a shit team. That's pretty harsh–one-ply, store-brand harsh, if I can play along—and probably why we only have a screencap of the exchange now.

If we've learned anything from this exchange it is that it's very hard to act tough when you're using smiling fecal emojis.