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U.S. Army All-American West Serves Up a Nasty Double-Reverse Flea Flicker for a 35-Yard TD

High school ball at its finest.

Ah, to be a second semester high school senior again…. You're at the top of your game; your diploma is all but sealed; and you've got maybe the best summer of your life ahead of you. Dazed and Confused off-field fantasies aside, there's something pretty awesome about the U.S. Army All-American Bowl. A bunch of high schoolers, all on their way to their respective, reputed football schools, without any real defense to threaten them, just playing ball like it's fun again. The recruitment is over, and now it's time to mess around a bit.

In a play that was organized at God-knows what point during their week-long practices, All-American West went for a double-reverse flea flicker that found the ball back in Ole Miss commit Shea Patterson's hands. Patterson went for a long bomb into the far reaches of the end zone, placing the ball neatly on future Stanford wide receiver Simi Fehoko's numbers for a 35-yard touchdown. Amazing chemistry for a bunch of guys who all just got together at the last second.

And to think: soon enough, they will be absolutely slaughtering each other on the field. Awwwww. Enjoy it while it lasts.