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Toronto’s Omari Jabari Counts His “Blessings” With Teddy Fantum and G Milla

Meet the 'Holy Trinity' of downtown Toronto.

In the last few months, a small studio in the heart of downtown Toronto has been pumping out a collection of singles (soon to be albums and tapes) from artists Teddy Fantum and G Milla . Also among their roster is Markham-born rapper Omari Jabari—a droning, hopskotch style rhymer that compliments Fantum and Milla much like an early Takeoff riffed on the other two Migos (before Drake's Versace remix set them on a path to being shouted out by Donald Glover at the Golden Globes ) and as luck, or the lord, would have it they've provided their new track "Blessings."


A cross (get it) between a Sunday morning church sermon and your favourite trap snares, the rapper asks for all us to count our blessings for now till the unforeseeable future. Listen to the track below.

Image and artwork by Lowkey Lxvish

Jake Kivanc is not religious with it but will happily take any blessings you send his way. Follow him on Twitter.