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Hyped: The Week In Links 1/6

Busy week? Here’s some things you may have missed.
January 6, 2012, 6:45pm

Happy new year! We announced some big news this week: The Creators Project is teaming up with Björk for her New York tour dates and a series of workshops. We also introduced new Creator Pantha du Prince, who makes music from desks and fan heaters. We found out about the potential of creating self-repairing shoes out of “living materials,” along with how you can build a robot friend and turn your street into a planet.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the web…

· Masking reality: Physicists working for the Pentagon have worked out how to hide events by bending light.

· Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired, writes how the new Tintin movie is moving beyond uncanny valley and on to the plains of the hyperreal.

· We’ve seen vintage computers play “House of the Rising Sun,” here’s some floppy disk drives playing Daft Punk’s “Derezzed.”

· If you want to know some of the reasoning behind BERG’s upcoming Little Printer product, you could do worse than read this recent blog post about a talk Matt Jones gave on the near future of connected products.

· Stereoscopy + projection mapping = impressive melting visual awesomeness.