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OWSLA's Anna Lunoe, Valentino Khan, and Wuki Team Up like Voltron for Walloping New Track

Look out for "Bullseye" at festivals and clubs all summer long.
Photo courtesy of the label

As countless anime TV shows have taught us, sometimes the most powerful flying robot is in fact a conglomeration of several smaller flying robots. So it is with "Bullseye," a fearsome new banger produced by the unholy Voltron-esque alliance of OWSLA's Anna Lunoe, Wuki, and [Valentino Khan]( Khan). Combining muscular percussion with walloping bass and a high-octane house pulse, this tune gets down, dirty, and straight to the point. It will make you feel like you're operating a giant mech-suit as you muscle your way through the mud at festivals all summer long.


Over email, Lunoe explained how the track came to be. "Valentino and I started working on this track in late 2015," she wrote, "but it was a totally different vibe back then. The track took a hard left turn in early 2016 and for the rest of the year we would meet up in between tours to work on it. At some point we bought Wuki in to help with a section and he totally nailed it and the 'Bullseye' we know was born."

Listen to the track below, and check out the exclusive GO HARD mixtape Lunoe made for us a few years back here.