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Jimmy Prime's New EP 'Bleeding Bull' Is a Toronto Rap Suite to Savour

Featuring production by Murda Beatz, Wondagurl, and more.

Jimmy Prime's music has always felt like it's inhabited the darkest depths of the Toronto hip-hop morass, going back to his In God We Trust mixtape. His new tape Bleeding Bull harnesses that sense of immersion to a project that's explicitly assembled as a cohesive whole. It resembles a DJ mix more than an EP, with ambient beat transitions bleeding into new hooks from Prime's constantly Auto-tuned rasp. The production (courtesy of Murda Beatz, Wondagurl, the album's mixer Stwo, and more) is warm and spacy, featuring kalimbas and 90s anime sound effects. It's an engaging, solid new chapter for one of the current Toronto rap wave's OGs and you can listen below.


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