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South Florida's Most Infamous Butt Doctor Was Sentenced to Ten Years in Prison

Oneal Ron Morris became nationally famous after she was accused of injecting tire fluid into her patients' posteriors.
March 28, 2017, 11:03pm
Ron Oneal Morris, center, in court in 2015.(AP Photo/South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Mike Stocker)

Oneal Ron Morris, the infamous South Florida quack known alternately as "the Fix-a-Flat doctor" and "the Duchess," was sentenced to a decade in prison on Monday for a butt-injection gone horribly wrong, as the Washington Post reports.

The fake doc was first arrested for allegedly practicing medicine without a license in 2011 and served a year in prison. But she later made her name nationally with the cringe-inducing details of her botched butt-surgeries––including the alleged use of chemicals such as tire fluid and bathroom caulking to enhance desperate women's posteriors.

Although lawyers were ultimately unable to prove what, exactly, the 36-year-old put in her concoction, she pleaded no contest in February to a manslaughter charge, effectively taking responsibility for the death of at least one patient. The result came after a medical examiner determined that silicon in Shatarka Nuby's behind leaked to other parts of her body and led to respiratory failure.

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Of course, Morris did not invent ass injections and is not even the only quack accused of killing someone with that procedure. Still, she was easily the phenomenon's most famous practitioner and her native Miami is generally regarded as the epicenter of what some call an epidemic. Like Morris herself, many of the people who receive the treatment are transgender women seeking voluptuous curves, although a Brazilian supermodel named Andressa Urach drew wider attention to the issue when pieces of her ass literally rotted in 2015.

A judge sentenced Morris to ten years behind bars followed by five years of probation, although Nuby's family had sought a life sentence.

"My daughter died the most inhuman death," Nuby's mother said at the sentencing hearing. "Eighteen months she suffered not knowing the full of what put in her body."

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