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Alpha Omega Gives Us Bars Upon Bars On Top of More Bars For "Hangman"

Did we mention they give us bars?

Image courtesy of the band You want bars? Alpha Omega has bars. The Vancouver rap duo has more bars than a jungle jim on their newest track, "Hangman." Prevail of Swollen Members and the Battle Axe Warrior Neph spit on a Rob The Viking mix. "I never miss a party with the army of darkness," Prevail says on a verse. I put this song 1.25 speed on Youtube, and my brain exploded and now I'm dead.

Prevail of Alpha Omega wrote to Noisey about the track: "'Hangman' is an Alpha Omega version of cryptic rhyme framing. The chorus is aggressively expressing the lyrical firepower we have been building towards as a group. The title came through with thoughts of evoking the kind of imagery that would draw one back to the days of swift justice, an emblematic version of the balance between right and wrong. The way Neph and I have constructed phraseology over the music has really allowed me to open my mind to experimentation." Listen to Alpha Omega's "Hangman" below:

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