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Fuck, That’s Delicious: International Hot Dogs

We begin our journey as Action is leaving the world’s number one restaurant—Noma—and don’t stop until we hit Chicago’s Weiner Circle with Riff Raff, with several insane stops along the way.

Action Bronson has done it again. In this episode of Fuck, That's Delicious, we have succeeded in capturing the most dynamic eating streak in recent gastronomic history. We begin our journey as Action is leaving the world's number one restaurant—Copenhagen's Noma—and don't stop until we hit Chicago's Weiner Circle with Riff Raff. Along the way, we hit up a private barbecue at Amass, enjoy a private meal cheffed by Lee Tiernan, plow through the whole menu at Hot Doug's, and share some prime cuts with Coach Ditka.

Read 'The Action Bronson Way to Eat Around the World."

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