Watch a Scene That Was Deleted from 'Huang's World' Because Eddie Was Fresh Off the Blunt

Another deleted scene is here! While in Jamaica, Eddie Huang was supposed to interview a local sugarcane farmer, but he kinda... sorta... forgot how to after smoking some ganja.
September 7, 2016, 8:00pm

Leading up to the reboot of Huang's World on VICELAND, launching in the UK on September 19 we've so far been treated to two deleted scenes: one in which Eddie checks out the vibrant Mexican-Chinese cuisine found in one border town, and another in which we lose a GoPro camera, only to have it retrieved by a local hero who is subsequently treated to a feast of seafood treats. Now, here comes a third tidbit that was too hot for the small screen: This scene was deleted from the episode because Eddie decided to get high as fuck after he completed the introduction to local sugarcane farmer Beryl while visiting Jamaica.


Whoops: He completely forgot to ask Beryl any questions about the WTO and the price of sugar. It happens, dude. Check it out below.

While we count down to Huang's World's UK season premiere on VICELAND on September 19, satisfy your appetite for all things Eddie by watching old episodes right here on MUNCHIES.