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Taking Flight with LED Pigeons | Animal Art

Pigeons flying in the sky at night becomes a grand performance.
May 12, 2016, 5:30pm

In Animal Art, the animal kingdom gets featured in fantastical and artistic ways.

At twilight in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Duke Riley releases thousands of birds with LED lights strapped to their legs, illuminating the sky in a choreographed flight pattern as a piece of art titled Fly By Night. The Creators Project got a chance to meet with Riley in his converted aircraft carrier-turned-bird coop in the days before this first performance, getting exclusive behind-the-scenes access to his process. We see first hand the complex training of pigeons, the inspiration behind this performance art piece, and Duke's history in creating art about and with marginalized communities, including the pigeon fanciers of New York. The avian performance is presented by Creative Time, a New York-based nonprofit that produces art in public spaces. Here, we see one man's reverence for nature as a reminder that we can find magic in unxpected places.

To learn more about how the birds are cared for, click here.


2,000 Glowing Pigeons Illuminate the Brooklyn Waterfront 

Strapping LEDs to pigeons for Duke Riley's Fly by Night