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Watch Massive Snow Murals Come to Life

LED traces and timelapse video turn Simon Beck's snow murals into a light painting in Banff National Park.
March 10, 2015, 8:30pm

Simon Beck's massive snow murals are astounding on their own, but watching them come to life is even better. Ever since he carved his first piece in North America (a geometric clover in Utah's Powder Mountains), the muralist has been immersed in the Canadian Rockies with his spartan signature tools: a compass, a map drawing, and a pair of snowshoes. For #ProjectSnow, his cold creations come to life in the mountains of Banff National Park, transformed into a gorgeous timelapse that even features the creation of his largest piece, a near-1,500 foot wide snowflake.


As Beck trudges one foot in front of the other, he looks just like a tiny laserjet printer following a long series of commands to make complex and beautiful shapes appear. As an added bonus, LED lighting retraces the artist's steps in the end of the video, putting the snowflake on display like a light painting. Watch it below:

You can watch the entire process in the timelapse below

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