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Planetary Panorama Offers 360° View Of The Starry Cosmos

Vincent Brady made this amazing space timelapse "On the cold, dark, sleepless nights under awe-spiring skies."

The last time we covered photographer Vincent Brady, he was turning blinking fireflies into ebullient timelapse photos—making those tiny critters look even more magical. Today, he's again using the universe's natural light as the source for his gorgeous photo and film work. "Planetary Panorama" is a 360° vantage into the night-sky that morphs the Earth so it looks like it's moving at warp speed through the solar system.


On his website, Brady explains that in 2012 he was simultaneously experimenting with 360 degree panoramas in the daytime and long exposures of the stars at night. He realized he could combine the two methods, and devised a custom rig that uses four cameras and fisheye lenses to capture the sky in motion—including the north star and southern pole. "These are the images I created on the cold, dark, sleepless nights under awe-spiring skies," he wrote.

Since building his custom camera set-up, he has used it at "firefly parties in Missouri, dark eerie nights at Devils Tower, through Logan Pass at Glacier National Park, up the mountains of British Columbia, and around the amazing arches and sandstone monuments in the Great American Southwest." Though all of his work is equally stunning, the space panorama may be his most incredible yet—it's like something out of Star Trek without any CGI. This is nature's organic special effects.

Brady details how to achieve timelapses like this [on his website](http://Vincent Brady made this amazing space timelapse ), where you can see his other work and purchase prints of his photographs. See some more stills from the video below:


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