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Inside The Making Of Squarepusher's "Music For Robots"

Squarepusher's 'Music for Robots,' includes a robo-guitarist with 78 fingers and a drummer with 22 arms.

There's never been a better time to be an electronic musician—that is, a music-maker made of metal alloys: if this bionic drummer, and today's house-churning Lego machine are any indication of an oncoming trend, consider Music For Robots, the collaborative EP by Squarepusher and Z-Machines to be the Unknown Pleasures of robo-wave.

Of the project, Squarepusher, a.k.a. Tom Jenkinson, stated, "A guitarist with 78 fingers and a drummer with 22 arms was too hard to resist." Even harder to resist? The undeniable aura of this Making of 'Music For Robots' published today on Squarepusher's Youtube Channel:


One lick from the digitally-driven digits of the guitar-bot in the above doc decrees: this is definitely no Country Bear Jamboree (link definitely not for the faint of heart, neither).

If you haven't seen the Daito Matanabe-directed music video, "Sad Robot Goes Funny," the first single off of Music for Robots, check it out here, and order your digital download, CD, or vinyl album from Warp Records.


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