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Infinity Expressed As Hypnotic GIFs

The Hexeosis tumblr turns geometric patterns into mesmerizing representations of the infinite.

How do you represent infinity as an image? You could go all esoteric with the snake eating its own tail, known as Ouroboros, or maybe you prefer something a little more mathematical like the sideways figure 8. Or maybe, just maybe, you'd like to dedicate a whole tumblr blog to hypnotic geometric representations of "that without limit" in GIF form.

That's what the person who runs Hexeosis has done. Animator by day, conjurer of infinity by night their aim, as stated on their tumblr, is to create "a collection of original gifs created to visually represent infinity". Simple.


Made using After Effects and Cinema4D and then compressed to GIF form using Photoshop, the visuals cascade before your eyes, twinkling and sucking you in with a variety of colors and hexagonal patterns until you reach some type of visual nirvana (or your eyes go a bit funny).

You can check out a selection below and head to the tumblr for more.

All GIFs courtesy of Hexeosis

[via Nerdcore]