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Getting Buzzed at a Breathable Cocktail Bar

Bompass & Parr's 'Alcoholic Architecture' fills you with a fine, breathable mist that gets you drunk.
Images courtesy the artists

A breath of fresh air—in the form of hard liquor, hit the London bar scene this summer. The installation Alcoholic Architecture from the Bompass & Parr studio arrived in the historic Borough Market of London this past July. The installation is “the world’s first alcoholic weather system for your tongue where meteorology and mixology collide.”

Featuring a walk-in cloud of breathable cocktails set in a Victorian basement, the installation aimed to “explode drinks to the scale of architecture for a beautiful, inhabitable world that spatialises the world’s best cocktails and creates a fully immersive alcohol environment,” says Bompass & Parr. The cloud is one part spirits to three parts mixer, and enters the bloodstream using mainly the eyeballs and lungs. For safety, guests were asked to wear protective gear to avoid any risk of overconsumption.


The event launched to the public on July 31st. November tickets are now available on the website. The installation is open to all those over the age of eighteen. Each visitor is limited to a one-hour stay to ensure the alcohol is enjoyed safely and responsibly.

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For more info, check out Bompass & Parr's website.


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