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Hand-Drawn Cartoons Take Over City Streets

South Korean artist Jung Kee Son holds his cartoon illustrations in front of photographs taken of different urban settings.
Big Ben - Illust England 2015. Images courtesy of Tourbrat

There’s nothing subtle about Jung Kee Son's photography tricks. The young South Korean artist makes little effort to disguise or crop the hand that holds up his street scene-interrupting drawings. There is a sort of candid transparency within these photographs that convey a lighthearted and playful tone. Kee Son lands on a particular setting or location within the city and illustrates the area within the picture frame that his drawing will cover.


Through his cartoonlike sketches he imagines what lies behind, superimposing his renderings with a clarity that blends the real with the fantastic. Sometimes it's a simple as placing an illustrated car or commuter bus onto a London street corner or a busy highway in Seoul. These are images Kee Son took during his time in England and South Korea. Tourbrat, the company behind the recent Nam June Paik show at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, is now working with Kee Son on a project that will see the illustrator create similarly formatted images inside the Paik Nam June exhibition, integrating his art with Paik's. See more of the illustrated works below:

GwangHwaMun Gate - Illust Seoul 2015

Pub in Sheffield - Illust England 2015

Bus in London - Illust England 2015

Bus Station - Illust Seoul 2015

Seoul Taxi - Illust Seoul 2015

For more by the artist check out his Instagram. And if you’re looking for more information about the upcoming project with the Nam June Paik show, keep your eyes on the Tourbrat website.


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