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Simple Wire Drawings Show the Fragility of Human Life

Switzerland-based artist Gavin Worth sculpts human lives with wire lines.
Images courtesy of the artist

Freestanding line drawings made of bent black wires tell stories of simple human moments in the works of Gavin Worth. These fragile visualizations could be made with tools from your local hardware store, but their emotional depth comes from someplace else.

Worth, a Switzerland-based artist, has been working with wire for a decade. Since the places he lives in are constantly changing—New Mexico, California, Egypt, Switzerland—his creative process has an array of transformations as well. When Worth was living in Cairo, his sculptures were more sparse, according to him. “Here in Switzerland, where there is greenery everywhere and overgrowth in vegetation has seen my sculptures consumed in plant-life as well,“ Worth explains The Creators Project.


Having used traditional materials including clay and stone, and having worked in prop construction and scenic design, Worth had an opportunity to experience the versatility of common household items firsthand. He envisioned that what many people would call trash could have a huge potential for something else. He found a roll of black wire on the aisles of hardware store and started to create sculptures that involve viewers in their subtle changes. “When the light in the room shifts, so does the mood of the piece,” Worth says. “I am for simplicity and economy of image and to communicate truthful interiorities of the human experience.”


He finds endless beauty in natural forms, and tries to depict truthful aspects of interiority in an elegant and honest way. In his latest series, Flora, Worth shows the fragility between birth, sensuality, and death. “I didn't want the images to be vague, but rather ambiguous: if you were looking for sensuality, you would see it there,” Worth explains. “If you were looking for decay, you would see it there too,” he adds.


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