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Is WiFi the Route to Opening Your Third Eye?

Argentinian artist Oblinof mirrors the phenomenological world with the one that exists behind your screen.
All images courtesy of the artist

In an era where new aesthetics are all but unavoidable, Argentina-based audiovisual artist and designer Oblinof explores this transformation of vision and the new relationships germed by it: post-internet art. His series holographic computer-generated images investigate how new media changes our paradigm's artistry; it is ripe with the anxiety we get from socialization online.

His Online Feel series visualizes loneliness in the age of hyperconnectivity, the hangover that comes after social overdose, and the insidious solution that is retiring into offline-mode. He expresses these ideas with visual references to the shamanism of the Peruvian Q’ero, mental masturbations giving rise to futuristic creatures.


The Wifi Pineal works expand concepts of consciousness by exploring the notion of wifi as what lies beyond the the third eye. It establishes a dialogue between contemporary connectivity and esoteric tradition. “When we experience altered states of consciousness, we can make contact with parts of our mind that we did not know, which, from being experienced, change the map of what we consider to be real,” Oblinof explains to The Creators Project. “Wifi, in that sense, works in a similar way, as it connects us to a giant data source, which from our interaction with it modifies our perception of the possible.”


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