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A Timelapse Look at One of the World's Deadliest Mountain Trails

Catch the calm side of the Annapurna Circuit in Aleks Kocev's new timelapse.
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Photographer and filmmaker Aleks Kocev set his sights on Nepal, a country that dominates the globes’ list of highest mountains, for his most recent cinematic adventure. The resulting short film, Annapurna, shows the natural and seemingly temperate passage of time on the treacherous Annapurna Circuit, one of the most deady trails in Western Nepal's Himalayas.

The circuit trail is carved out of the mountain range by a series faults and flexures called a massif, circulating the tenth highest mountain range in the world, Annapurna I. In an effort to push the trendy timelapse format into a more artistic realm, Kocev tells Juxtapoz, “I make distinct choices in both color and cropping from an artistic standpoint and less from a commercial one.” The film is independent, but you might be nudged to hit REI and book a one way ticket to South Asia as soon as the credits roll.


Annapurna comes shortly after the release of Kocev’s timelapse documention of a week-long mural festival in the Bonifacio Global City district in Manila, where international and local artists gather in the Philippines to showcase their latest ideas. Check it out here, and watch more of Kocev works on his website.


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