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Experimental Skate Film Features Bears, Drones, and Infrared Cameras

Kick, push, glow.
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Czech production company Samadhi just released a short new skate film featuring wolves, bears, flying cameras, and FLIR thermo vision. Insight explores interesting new ways of filming skateboarding akin to the work Spike Jonze did on films like Lakai's Fully Flared and Yeah Right!

In INSIGHT, Marek Kocack is shot riding down freeways, around city squares, and through a mysterious dark forest. Shots of a laidback urban street session are juxtaposed against scenes of the skater bombing a windy and desolote road that resembles the look of Chris Milk’s interactive short film, The Wilderness Downtown. Kocack skates past construction workers and police officers as well as packs of wolves and bears that are picked up by the crew’s infrared thermal lenses.


The Samadhi team was armed to the teeth with gear during the shoot. INSIGHT was filmed using remote control tripods, handheld camera mounts, and drones courtesy of JamCopters. Check out the trippy and unusual skate video, and watch a making-of piece below:

INSIGHT BTS from samadhi production on Vimeo.

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