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London Gets Caught in a 3,000-Condom Rainstorm

Privatizing the water industry is dangerous. So is a torrent of water-filled prophylactics.
Images courtesy the artist

Armed with 3,000 glowing condoms and a wicked sense of humor, Madrid-based activist art group Luzinterruptus are tackling the international water crisis. For the Totally Thames Festival in London, a water-themed event, the group reimagined their 2013 work Interactive Light to address the privatization of water access all over the world. "We wanted to highlight the vital need of water and how abhorrent it is to privatize it and trade it for the profit of just a few," they tell The Creators Project. Renaming the new sculpture Rain Interactive, they filled extra large prophylactics with water and and light bulbs to create "large drops having the shape and the touch of silicone breasts—quite pleasant to touch and squeeze." They note almost gleefully that many of those who interacted with the condoms are children.


"We thought this as being conceptually appropriate, as condoms are designed to preserve in them the true source of life," Luzinterruptus continues. Accompanied by a soundtrack of flowing water sounds, visitors explore the labyrinthine installation with a hands-on attitude. Luzinterruptus' previous work has used LED syringes to protest bad health care, an island of plastic bottles to protest pollution, and toilet seats to protest public safety laws.

Rain Interactive was commissioned by the Waterman Arts Centre, and hung in a cubic space in front of their entranceway. Each visitor ducked and dodged the horde of floating condom raindrops before they could enter the main exhibit.

Check out more of Luzinterruptus' work on their website.


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