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This Is Your Gross Jelly Body on Peer Pressure

CGI artist Albert Omoss' surreal new short proves that giving in to peer pressure is dangerous.
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If Pixar had an older cousin who liked to tape firecrackers to his toys, his work might look something like the anotomical distortions of Albert Omoss. Uncannily removing the bones from digital human bodies is his specialty—when he's not ruining emojis for you forever—and now he's set his sights on peer pressure. The latest of his forms series, which we covered last year, features stacked human forms crumpling and bouncing around like old flubber. It's an apt metaphor for the powerlessness and destruction that comes when you let the wants of others pile up on top of you, without the proper support.


Watch his video, form m09 - peer pressure, to feel the full weight of this story's moral.

See more of Albert Omoss' work on his website.


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