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How To Turn Your Room Into A Nightclub With A DIY, LED Ceiling

This light-up concoction will bring the colorful party vibes to any ceiling repair.

Designers and engineers often turn to novelty for inspiration. In this home-brewed project, however, we find that just as many innovations are born out of necessity:

To cover up a leaky hole in their ceiling, lighting design & fabrication company, Famous Mods, has appropriated their Arduino circuitry into colored, light-up tiles in their drop ceiling— basically using their roofing to turn the room into a Bluetooth-enabled, interactive dance hall. Explains Famous Mods, "The Pixel Drop Ceiling is a Bluetooth, Arduino powered, Computer controlled, RGB, Drop Ceiling. The perks of being controlled by the computer are that the whole system is music controlled and its easy to change and create your own patterns with little software know-how. You can then change these patterns on the fly without having to upload new software to the Arduino, allowing you to create your own 'show.'"


Famous Mods has posted a full set of construction and coding plans onto Instructables. Simply put, using some translucent ceiling tiles, black paint, an Arduino Proto Board, Uno controller, some LEDs, a Bluetooth receiver, and some minor electrical gear, you could be hosting your own club nights using the familiar firmaments of your own ceiling.

The instructable itself will guide you through how to build the necessary circuitry, which tiles to buy, how to assemble the ceiling, and which programs are compatible. Once finished, you'll have quite the impressive party trick for guests. The next stop? Your very own, DIY, audio-synced disco ball. Dance moves not included.



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